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it's a strange, sad affair

seems like we just don't care.

memories linger on like a sweet sad old song.
20 May
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i'm mandi. 18. (california) small town girl (with big dreams and a whole lot to say).

(sometimes overly) sensitive. drama-magnet (usually unwillingly). walking the fine line between skepticism and cynicism. nonstop writer. hardcore fatalist. tendency to be moody. funny (sometimes). loyalty that never dies. doesn't trust easily unless earned and proven (i wasn't always like this). ambitious (with the to-do-list-for-life to prove it). neurotic (it's in my genes to worry too much).

loves: dreams. quotes. laughter. books & bookstores. smiles (especially the make-you-weak-in-the-knees kind). mermaids & castles. the 1800's. charming men who say the right things. cheer-you-up country music. perfect movie soundtrack moments. movies that make me cry. picture frames & silly pictures. making lists. driving fast with the music turned up loud & the windows rolled down. dancing.

dislikes: waiting. indecisiveness. bad hair days. feeling insufficient, invisible or inferior. stubborn judgmental people. feeling scared. sports. my conscience. the never-ending war in my head. hand cramps from writing too much. window-shopping (what a cruel concept). being called boring. people who can't admit when they're wrong.